When should a battery be regenerated?

A battery needs regeneration the moment one or more of the following  is noted; these are all indicators of sulphation:

  • It requires cell replacement
  • It is not performing to its full capacity
  • It takes longer to charge
  • There is excessive heat and gassing
  • There is excessive water consumption
  • Premature Failure

Our Research

Proves that any forklift battery requires regeneration on or before 24 months and mining locomotive batteries 16 months to double its lifespan with ease. Up until now, battery companies could only increase capacity through acid adjustments.

The Macbat process makes the inactive material active again, therefore only water is added during our process. CELL REPLACEMENT can only be successful if you restore the balance of remaining battery cells to full capacity through regeneration. Then ONLY CAN YOU ADD NEW CELLS TO YOUR BATTERIES.

Maintenance Regen Service

With a scheduled Macbat Maintenance Regen it is possible to:

  • double the lifespan of your new battery
  • consistently keep its capacity and productivity to a maximum
  • keeps costs to a minimum


Reconditioning Service

The Batterie Plus Reconditioning Regen program is designed for older batteries that are operating well below their their optimum level or that have become unusable due to a heavy sulphation build-up.
A reconditioning Regen can even be used to revive batteries that will not accept normal charging, a result not previously obtainable with conventional, or even pulse chargers.



  • Batterie Plus is the world leader in battery regenerated technology

  • The Regeneration technology can confirm whether a forklift, locomotive or stationary battery should be disposed of.

  • 60% success rate on previously scrapped batteries.