Rent or Purchase?:

The benefits of rental outweighs cost of ownership.

When weighing up whether to purchase or rent your lead acid battery, it is clear that the benefits of rental far outweigh the cost of ownership.

Not only does rental save you money, but it is the smarter business option providing you with greater flexibility and control.  At the end of your rental period, simply return the equipment and upgrade.

Financial agility in most companies, requiring managers to search for alternative solutions to asset management and or  optimization.  By converting the need for reliable material handling equipment and batteries to a fixed monthly expense, our retail solution allows for the reduction of our clients capital expenditure while providing a reliable solution which is tax deductible. The opportunity for claiming environmental tax benefits also become a possibility.


Together with our revolutionary regeneration technology and exceptional customer service, you will experience a hassle free environment.  Our technology will keep the battery as good as new, ensuring full charge capacity and therefore maximum productivity and no down time.

Financial challenges are created companies, when one or more battery packs fail due to individual cell failure.  Constant replacement and battery maintenance becomes a time consuming , logistical challenge.  This leads to production down time.  Companies deduct minimum of 25% per annum for depreciation when buying a new replacement battery pack.

Benefits Summarised:

  • Rental costs are tax deductible
  • Immediate replacement of faulty equipment
  • Battery replacement program
  • Ongoing service and technical support
  • No capital outlay

The “rental option” for the fulfillment of energy/maintenance requirements, is and will be a solution to reduce capital expenditure and curb expenses to a fixed monthly account.  This can be regarded and a “package deal” that includes equipment hire, full maintenance and technical expertise through qualified technicians.