Servicing Batteries and Chargers:

In operation, batteries are exposed to various extremes,  A regular service ensures the long term well being of batteries.  Listed below are many of the components which are assessed during a battery service.  Chargers are tested in conjunction with batteries to ensure correct calibration between charger and battery.


Inter Cellular Connectors are replaced annually as they become hard and sulphated while used, causing a build-up of resistance.


The harness must must be assessed and replaced when necessary due to exposure to acid and wear and tear.


Battery plug to be inspected, ensuring proper contact is achieved.


Specific gravity readings are checked.  If found below par, a battery regeneration process is advised.  Acid adjustment is a short term solution for a much larger problem.


The battery tank is cleaned with a soda ash solution to halt corrosion.  Tanks are reconditioned, minor repairs done and newly painted.


Discharge capacity test conducted to assess performance over a 5 hour period.  All cells under 1.76 volts fail the discharge capacity test.


A battery and charger service is followed by a stringent Quality control process and signed off by manager to ensure each unit serviced complies with the Batterie Plus standard and workmanship.