The Batterie Plus System:

The Regeneration system is designed to restore lost capacity and extend the functional lifespan of lead-acid batteries through a process known as electrochemical sulphate reversion.  Computerized control system delivers an extremely powerful current spike during its carefully controlled cycle alternating frequency sequences.

This means that sulphation within the battery dissipates, reverting to active material, leaving the plates  sulphate free, re-energized, charged and ready to use.

A simplified explanation of the Sulphation & Regeneration process:


When a battery’s energy-charge is drained and reloaded during normal working cycle, sulphate-crystals gradually build up on the electrodes, preventing the battery from effectively delivering current, these crystals in effect ‘suffocate’ the battery.

Once regenerated the surface of the electrodes allows the battery to accept, store and deliver current normally. The Regeneration reverts the lead sulphate into active material.

Symptoms of Sulphation

  • Poor current acceptance, storage and delivery
  • Overheating
  • Water evaporation
  • Longer charging cycles
  • Short Circuit and Mechanical Damage
  • Premature Failure